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SS for San Francisco BTSSB/AATP/Angelic Pretty/ h.Naoto/ Harajuku Hearts

UPDATE MARCH_MAY: taking reservation for any BTSSB and AATP series, I also do any instore SS for BTSSB/AATP/ANGELIC PRETTY/ H.Naoto. and HARAJUKU HEARTS (Black Peace NOW, Black Peace, Chantilly, Atelier pierrot)
WHY USE MY SS for BTSSB?: I Shop from the SF BABY store which offers lower prices than the Japan/online shops as the yen is really high now!
(ie: typical jsk $350 from me(includes item price, commission, shipping) vs. online $393 (incudes item price, shipping). I am happy to take international orders and will ship items as gift and lower value if asked.

FEEDBACK: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------<
Terms: -total payments must be paid 24 hours before purchase/ss

I take only Paypal as Payment at this time.

X-Large (coats) $30
Large items (jsk/op): $20
Medium items (tops/bottoms/parasol/large bags/purses/shoes): $12
Small items (socks, small bag/purse, headdress, accessories) : $6
AP new releases: 10%

special commission: Reservation and special items (Lucky packs, special sets): 12% 

Discount Commission: 50% discount of commission when you purchase more then one item. (Lower price items will be halved)(does not includes special commission items or sale items)
ie: Jsk $20, Blouse $6, Headbow $3  

Reservation discount: If you reserve a whole set : main piece+ headwear + socks, the commission is 10%

USA Shipping:
I ship Priority unless requesting a different USPS service
International Shipping: I ship EMS unless requesting a different USPS service

About International Custom fees:
I am willing mark down value and sent item as a gift, but if goes missing/damage, I WILL NOT BE LIABLE for anything as I can only help you get back the value declared and if you bought insurance. Also custom fee is detemine by country, I do not have control over custom fee and buyer would have to pay them if there is a fee

How to Use SS: -fill out form below and PM to me.
LJ name:
Feedback: (priority goes to those that do have some+)
Full name:
Paypal ID:
color: link of item (if possible) (info and picture of it please):
location zip: or country:
Example: -----------------------------------
Step 1:
LJ name: idgal
full name: Melin Hu
Paypal Id: Melinlinhu(at)gmail . com
Shop: Angelic Pretty item: Holy Night shirred jsk
color: red
link of item: location zip/country: 94109/ USA
note: Please hold to ship after 12/9, also can you tally payment without invoice

Step 2: I will reply back:
1 Holy Night Shirred jsk red $328.75
$328.75 due as gift payment
please make sure to use "personal" then click "gift" only.
Once item is bought I will invoiced for shipping, commission fee and also pp invoice fee
the amount that will be invoice is below.
+comission flat $20
+shipping priority $11
+pp fee (if you want a invoice) $1.09
$32.09 to be invoiced after item is bought

  Step 3:  
You must tell me if you want to go ahead within 24 hours after I reply back with tally invoice

 Step 4: 
payment must be paid within 24 hours as a personal gift payment to melinlinhu (at) gmail (dot) com with Order form info in note.

Step 5: I will purchase items or make a reservations with a couple days and ship out after
or if unsuccessful, refund the gift payment

Important: Please be serious with asking for a SS, if you backout after final invoice(when payment has been sent), I will leave a negative feedback and you will be blacklist from any future transactions with me. I have no control over BTSSB/AATP release dates or shipments, please be aware that there are delays and also not many shipment to the USA, so items can be delay from 1-3 months or more. Please try to order directly online if this concern you. thanks
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